Meet Kenny, a proven Fighter! 

We need representatives, who will stand up and defend our Nation, to make us safe once again!

I'm seeking this office because now more than ever we must put our people and our nation first. Congress has let us down for too many years by focusing on inner-party fighting, serving their own self-interests, and spending wastefully. While our nation slips deeper into debt, the constant threat of terrorism brews here at home, yet fewer dollars are going into our military and there is more talk of limiting our gun rights. I cannot let these issues continue while our states people suffer with job loss and the constant threats of tax increases, loss of social security benefits, and the loss of the safety and freedom for which so many of our brothers and sisters have fought and given their lives.

​As your congressman, I will:


  • Ensure that we no longer give billions of dollars every year to foreign countries, illegal immigrants, wasteful government, and corrupt politicians who take advantage of their position.
  • ​Demand justification for every questionable practice and expenditure.
  • ​Being accountability to congress through transparency.
  • ​Take a stand to build a stronger military and protect our homeland.
  • ​Protect the life of the unborn and defend our 2nd amendment rights.
  • ​Make sure that our nation Veteran's are provided for. 
  • ​Work towards a heath care plan that works for everyone.
  • Focus on reviving our farm, seafood, and oil & gas industries by advocating for what is needed to keep them here and help them grow.
  • ​Make foreign trade with other countries fair so our industries can survive and grow.
  • ​Secure funding to continue to work on our levee and flood protection systems.
  • ​Work to get flood insurance premiums reduce in areas that are now protected from flood waters.
  • Be a strong voice for southwest Louisiana.  

You have my promise. the sacrifices made by our soldiers will not be forgotten and the corrupt operation of our congress will not continue unnoticed. I will take a stand and fight to defend our nation and its people. If you elect me, you can be certain our children and grandchildren will enjoy the same freedoms as Americans that we have for so many years.  

 I have a proven record of standing up for what is right and fair for all, being there for the people, and not taking the easy way out. I will serve you as your Congressman to the best of my ability. I would appreciate your vote for Congress, 3rd Congressional district Nov. 8th. Thank you!

           Kenny P. Scelfo, Sr. 




Kenny P. Scelfo, Sr..


Kenny P. Scelfo Sr.   


US House 3rd Congressional District

 Protect our People, Secure our Nation, Build our   Economy, put our people back to work