About Kenny


Scelfo knows the importance of balancing a budget and eliminating government waste. Kenny has a proven record of speaking out for what is right, protecting people, and helping industry. Kenny has served on the Franklin City Council for 16 years. His last 4 years, he served as Mayor Protempore. 

Scelfo has served the public through several hurricanes ensuring that everyone was taken care of before, during, and after the storm. Through those experiences, he has seen how important levees and flood protection systems are to South Louisiana's people, industry, and agriculture. Kenny will stand up and fight for Federal dollars to develop infrastructure that keeps us safe from floods.

Scelfo is committed to doing what it takes to make and keep the oil and gas industry strong. He has worked 34 years in the oil and gas industry and knows how important this industry is to so many Louisiana families. 

Kenny knows the needs and concerns that face farmers, as a major part of his hometown economy is based on the farm industry. These industries need to be stabilized with thoughtful decision-making at the federal level. Scelfo's hands-on experience will help him advocate effectively for this industry.

Scelfo has served as a volunteer Police officer for 18 years and knows first hand the importance of  a well trained and well armed department. Funding for activities  that will fight off attacks here in our country would be a priority.

Kenny knows our Nation must build its military to have the worlds best technology, weapons, organization and training. With all that is taking place in our world, it's a must to prioritize these issues. Kenny will work to ensure our military has what it needs to protect our rights and freedom that so many men and women have died fighting for. 

Other issues of importance to Kenny are protecting our right to bear arms, eliminating government waste, keeping resources at home to be used in helping our Nation's people, and developing a heath care system that works for everyone and doesn't force so many families to face high insurance premiums.

Scelfo believes that accomplishing the above will make our nation a better place for our children and grandchildren. 

Kenny P. Scelfo, Sr. is the Son of Mrs. Ruby Bourgeois Scelfo and the late Mr. John Scelfo, Sr. He is one of their nine children born and raised in Franklin, Louisiana in St. Mary Parish. Kenny graduated from Franklin Senior High School and attended flying school in Patterson, LA where he earned his private pilots license, and is a member of the Civil Air Patrol (2nd Lt.) He attended several LSU Law enforcement field training classes as part of his training for the police department.

Kenny is Pro-Life and a practicing Catholic.

Scelfo and his wife Jennifer Gaudet Scelfo have three adult children, Kenny Jr., Megan, and Brooke.